Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Been awhile

Technology trends being what they are, I've become obsessed with a new one - Twitter. I'm GoHskrs over there. If you're a fan of Hugh Hewitt's radio show, follow the #hhrs hashtag on (or another specialty hashtag site such as or during the show. Hugh's listeners on Twitter are known as Tribbles. 8^)

The Obama administration is sure off to a great start, aren't they?
  • Took on Rush Limbaugh on day 4; never a good idea
  • Two failed cabinet appointments (and counting)
  • Pork-laden "stimulus" bill is on the ropes, and even if it passes, it will do so with minimal Republican votes (== pure Democrat economy)
  • North Korea and Iran are both testing ICBM launch platforms. Peaceful intentions, my ass. If it can launch a satellite, it's a ballistic missile.
  • Dow Jones down 4%
It's barely been two weeks. Wonder what our Trainee in Chief will accomplish next?

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