Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pataskala income tax fails, 65.82% - 34.18%


November 2001 (1.00% income tax):Against: 71.02%For: 28.98%
November 2002 (0.75% income tax):Against: 68.61%For: 38.39%
November 2004 (1.25% income tax, ??? credit):Against: 66.46%For: 33.54%
May 2006 (1.50% income tax, ??? credit):Against: 58.95%For: 41.05%
November 2006 (1.50% tax, 100% credit):Against: 62.43%For: 37.57%
November 2007 :Against: 57.59%For: 42.41%
November 2008 (2.00% tax, 50% credit):Against: 65.82%For: 34.18%

Moral: In a sluggish economy, never, ever f*ck with another man's livelihood (Risky Business, 1983) -- or in this case, don't try to take more money out of the pockets of income earners who have already been nailed by the stock market and lower property values.

Can we stop now, Pataskala City Council? Would you please throw a new street levy on the next ballot, and renew the police levy? If you let us choose which taxes we want to pay, rather than asking for a big (and unaccountable) lump of money, I think you'll get a better reaction next time.

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