Friday, March 16, 2012

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The podcast of American Life episode #454 has disappeared down the memory hole forever ... because it turns out that the taxpayer-funded producers, fact checkers, and various accredited journalists at TAL simply make shit up:

Key quote from Mike Daisey, to whom the credulous producers of TAL gave a national stage: "What I do is not journalism."

Ira Glass' ironclad guarantee from the now-deleted episode, at 44:29: "We have gone through [Daisey's] script and fact-checked everything that was checkable."

If you'd like to hear the sound of publicly-funded lies, you can still find the audio at the following links (will update as I find more ... please download and keep a copy so TAL can't simply make this go away):

Oh, and after you listen to this, I think it's fair to question the "facts" presented in episodes 1 - 453.

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