Monday, October 11, 2010

Parental decision tree

So, let's say that you're seated in the smallest bathroom in your house, which also happens to be the one where your children brush their teeth. Your elbow touches the wall and comes back sticky. You look back and realize that toothpaste is smeared on the wall, in a location that's 4-5 feet away from the sink, and would have required the perpetrator to traverse behind the toilet to emplace the substance in question. Do you:

(a) chuckle quietly, muttering, "Oh, those little scamps!" under your breath; or
(b) immediately drive to your childrens' schools, pull them out of class, set them in the bathroom, and interrogate them mercilessly until one of them confesses to the deed; or
(c) clean it up with soggy toilet paper, hoping you'll have enough TP left to complete the original purpose of your bathroom sojourn?

I went with (c), though I still haven't ruled out (b) ...

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