Monday, June 14, 2010

While I'm here...

Just want to share a pleasant vision of how the future might unfold.

It's summer 2014. Former President Obama, having been defeated in his re-election bid by campaign commercials showing wave after wave of oil washing up on the Gulf Coast of the US, and desperate for publicity in the manner of Jimmy Carter, is appearing on the roundtable of one of the Sunday shows. He reflexively defends his administration's environmental policies and criticizes those of his successor, even managing to slip in a not-so-veiled shot at "oilman" former VP Dick Cheney.

Then another member of the panel looks Obama straight in the eye, waits for an uncomfortable two-count in absolute silence, and says, "STFU, Greasy. You blew your chance."

The show goes to commercial, and the former President leaves the building in shame, forced by the vicious putdown into finally learning to maintain the dignified silence of ex-Presidents.

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