Monday, May 19, 2008

More weather radio nonsense

Spook86 at In From The Cold highlights a tiny moment of sanity in the mandatory, subsidized weather-radio debate, courtesy of Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO).

As noted in the comments, once the federally-subsidized weather radios have been distributed, the concerns for public safety are only beginning:

  • Who will inspect the houses in tornado-susceptible areas to ensure the radios are plugged in?
  • Who will subsidize the purchase of batteries for these radios?
  • Most important, who will ensure that people are actually listening to the radio during periods of severe weather?

And why stop at weather radios? Why not build federal tornado shelters out of rebar and concrete on every block? It's not useful to know that a tornado is coming if you don't have a basement, after all.

And then, after someone gets struck by lightning en route to their federal tornado shelter, we can build federal lightning tunnels from each residence to the shelter. And then, federal lightning tunnel security gates that close automatically during floods, so nobody drowns in the tunnel during a flood. But then we'd need a blue-ribbon commission to recommend what to do about tornadoes accompanied by lightning that occur during floods ...

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