Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Peters for President juggernaut thunders on ...

... in today's WSJ (free link): Gas Taxes are High Enough, by Mary E. Peters, US Secretary of Transportation. I'm already behind her run for office, so she didn't need to convince me, but I'm glad to see this kind of reasoned opinion get a broader audience.

One initiative I didn't know about is an attempt to fix I-495, at least in the Virginia section:

Just last month, Virginia announced that it had reached agreement with private investors to construct some of the most sophisticated, variably priced lanes in the world on the Capital Beltway. The symbolism of that project's location should be lost on no one.

Indeed, it is not lost, especially in light of the epic traffic failures endemic to the DC area. Never having lived there, I can only imagine the daily horror of driving there. I've been in the area enough to see two idiocies up close: the HOV-only restriction on Interstate 66 (not some of the lanes -- the whole publicly-funded Interstate highway is restricted to carpools at times); and the enviro-wackiness regarding the Potomac River, specifically the fact that no new bridges can be built across it between Point of Rocks, MD and the Beltway, which just forces ever more Maryland traffic onto the Beltway.

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